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Parents who are divorcing or separating face difficult times when child custody and child visitation issues arise. We strive to make this time easier and guide you through the process. The court will look to determine what is in the best interest of the child when making a child custody and child visitation order. There are two categories of custody: legal custody and physical custody. The court will make decisions in four aspects of custody.

Legal Custody

Legal custody deals with the person who is in charge of making the routine day-to-day decisions as well as those regarding health, education and welfare. Legal custody can be awarded to one or both parents.

Sole legal custody: Only one parent will have the legal authority to make decisions for the child’s health, education and general well-being.

Joint legal custody: Both parents should consult with each other and they both share the rights to make decisions for the child’s heath, education and general welfare.

Physical Custody

Physical custody deals with who the child lives with. Physical custody can be awarded to one or both parents.

Sole physical custody: The child resides with only one parent while the other parent will have visitation or, in some cases, no contact with the child. Sole physical custody means that the parent has the right to have the child present in the home.

Joint physical custody: The child resides with both parents. This does not mean the child is with the other parent exactly 50 percent of the time, although it can. Joint physical custody means that both parents share the right to have significant periods of time with the child.

Emotional conflicts can arise when parents try to navigate the areas of child custody and visitation. That is why we will work endlessly to ensure your rights are protected and we reach a favorable outcome in your situation.

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