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Domestic violence is not an easy matter. Whether you are seeking protection under a domestic violence restraining order or defending yourself against accusations of domestic violence, it is important to have an aggressive yet compassionate attorney. We take great pride in having handled domestic violence situations successfully in both the family law and criminal law arenas. We know that domestic violence accusations can bring serious consequences in family and criminal courts and we will go the extra-mile to ensure your rights are protected. Domestic violence can have serious impacts on both adults and children. We strive to minimize that impact.

When Domestic Violence Allegations Lead To Criminal Charges

Domestic abuse allegations can impact your family law case. However, sometimes these allegations also result in criminal charges. We provide representation for people in both the family law and criminal law arenas.

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Our lawyer has extensive experience handling issues surrounding family law and domestic violence. Call us at 951-888-1574. You may also contact us online and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible. From our offices in Riverside, we provide legal counsel to people throughout Southern California.

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