Can a Mother Withhold a Child From the Father in California?

Child custody arrangements can be emotionally charged, leading people to act differently than they otherwise would. Confusion or intentional misleading can occur, paving the way for individuals to make decisions that may not benefit a child’s well-being. If you find yourself thinking, “Can a mother…

04May, 24

What Are My Rights as a Parent in California?

Divorce and separation can make life feel complex. The process of child custody and support can be challenging to navigate, but generally, understanding the intricacies of Riverside family law can be daunting itself. Consulting a skilled attorney can get you answers to your questions, such…

03May, 24

Does a Husband Have to Support His Wife During Separation in California?

Spousal support can be a complicated part of a divorce, which is already a very financially straining process. Many husbands worry that they will lose part of their wealth while paying support to their ex-spouse. Some worry: does a husband have to support his wife…

07Apr, 24

What Is a Wife Entitled to in a Divorce in California?

There are many stressors for spouses who are beginning the process of a divorce, both financial and emotional. The divorce process requires the division of assets, decisions about spousal support, and determinations for child custody and support if minor children are involved. Women who are…

06Apr, 24

What Are the Parental Rights in California Family Law?

Parental rights serve as the cornerstone of family law, particularly when it comes to determining child custody. These rights are legally recognized and protected to ensure that parents have the proper authority and responsibility necessary to raise their children in all aspects of their lives.…

18Mar, 24

What Voids a Custody Agreement in California?

Going through a divorce or legal separation can be an extremely difficult time, especially if a child is involved and custody arrangements need to be made. Making it even more complicated, once an initial custody agreement is made, it does not always end there. For…

15Mar, 24

Residency Requirements for LGBT Divorce in California

Various marriage and divorce laws have been changing for years, especially in response to the legalization of same-sex marriages. Among these changes are the residency requirements for LGBT divorce in California. The landmark Supreme Court ruling of 2015, Obergefell v. Hodges, made the legality of…

21Oct, 23

Child Custody & Same-Sex Marriages

Over the years, societal norms have continued to evolve and pave the way for a broader acceptance of same-sex marriages across many countries. In California, these unions have become extremely prevalent as more LGBTQ+ couples move to the state and start their own families. However,…

15Oct, 23

What is the Most Common Custody Agreement in California?

When a divorce involves children, child custody and child support are two of the most important arrangements that need to be addressed. Child custody refers to the right of a parent to have a child physically live with them or to make legal decisions on…

15Jan, 23

What is Minimum Child Support in California?

Every state sets different terms for calculating child support payments for divorcing parents. In California, there are a variety of elements that affect how child support is determined and how much one parent ends up paying. Because determining child support can be complex for both…

05Jan, 23
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