Chino Hills Family Law Attorney

Chino Hills Family Law Attorney

From divorces and separations to domestic violence, family law attorneys help families navigate the legal solutions they need to help move forward. At the Law Offices of Michelanne Hrubic, we are dedicated to helping you. We believe that no one should have to face difficult challenges alone, so we customize our services to fit your needs. With our Chino Hills, CA, services, you will receive the legal help you need, and you will also find a compassionate attorney at your side.

Family Law Attorneys

Many families may think they can resolve their issues independently of an attorney, or they can’t justify the cost of utilizing their help. However, family law attorneys are knowledgeable in several areas that can become issues in family relationships, including divorce, marriage, adoption, child custody, child support, paternity, alimony, division of property, domestic violence, and more.

The role of a family law attorney is to advise, negotiate, and represent you through the resolution of these issues, whether it is between individuals, through mediation, or through litigation in a courtroom. There are many assumptions about laws that impact families, but a family law attorney can help you understand the facts and work to ensure you receive a fair outcome.



Divorce is one of the most common types of cases handled by family law attorneys. Because marriage is a contract between two people, the divorce process legally dissolves that contract. Some couples enter into the divorce process with the greatest of intentions and feel as though they can work amicably through the details. However, many couples soon discover that is easier said than done. With the help of a family law attorney, your divorce process can stay on track by having someone at your side with your interests in mind while protecting your rights. Because this can be an emotional process, an attorney can help ensure your paperwork and filings stay on track.

Spousal Support

One of the misconceptions in a divorce is that a disparity between spousal incomes automatically means there will be spousal support awarded. However, many other factors play a role in how this is decided, and income is just one part of that. Courts will additionally consider the accumulated debts shared by the couple, each spouse’s ability to work, and their earning potential. In some cases, spousal conduct in and outside of the marriage could play a role. The process for determining if and how much spousal support is awarded requires a lot of paperwork and document collection, all of which are guided by your family law attorney.

Child Custody and Support

Child custody and support is one of the most important areas of family law because it impacts a part of your family that you want to protect the most. Child custody and support cases can be one of the most difficult cases to navigate because everyone is trying to do what they feel meets the needs of the children involved. Unfortunately, these decisions are often driven by emotion. However, when it comes to the law, there are very specific parameters to consider when deciding both where the child will live and how much support each parent is responsible for.

When it comes to custody, determining factors include:

  • The bond each parent has with the child
  • Any previous criminal activity from either parent
  • Any drug or substance abuse either parent is suffering from
  • The home itself and the stability it can provide
  • The physical and mental safety provided in the home for the child

When determining child support, factors include:

  • The income of both parents
  • Expenses that help meet the healthcare needs of the child
  • The costs associated with school and education for the child

In both custody and support agreements, parents are encouraged to work together to create a plan prior to any court involvement. With a family law attorney, the parents can negotiate and discuss the parameters. Ultimately, the law says the agreement must do what is in the interest of the child.

If you already have an agreement in place, an attorney can help file petitions with the court when changes need to be made.

Selecting a Family Law Attorney

There are many attorneys who practice family law, so knowing which one is right for you could be difficult. On the surface, they may all look the same. However, with a little research and with asking the right questions, the process may be a little easier. Here are some suggestions:

  • Understand what your lawyer will do. Knowing the types of services an attorney provides can help you narrow your search. Find an attorney who has experience in what you need.
  • Set realistic expectations. The role of your attorney is to help provide you with guidance through your legal process. Knowing the boundaries to set with your attorney can keep them focused on helping you and allow you the space to emotionally approach your challenges.
  • Consider your budget. While the circumstances of any case will impact the overall costs, attorneys should be open about their fees. As an example, the average cost for a divorce in California is $17,500, but your attorney’s experience, the type of divorce, and the volume of settlements that need to be addressed could cause that number to be higher or lower. Be upfront with your attorney about what your situation looks like.
  • Ask questions. Choosing a lawyer is an interview process. Ask them questions about their experience with cases similar to yours, their fees, the timeline they expect, and even their communication style and timeliness.
  • Conduct research. There is an abundance of information available online about attorneys. Look for one you feel like you can trust and who has a history of success.

Chino Hills, CA Family Lawyers

Family law can be emotionally draining and legally confusing. If you are having legal troubles with your family, consult an experienced attorney. At the Law Offices of Michelanne Hrubic, our attorney has supported individuals and families in multiple areas of family law. Our team is focused on representing you and keeping your interests first. Contact us today, and let us put our experience to work for you.


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