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Domestic violence is not an easy matter. Whether you are seeking protection under a domestic violence restraining order or defending yourself against accusations of domestic violence, it is important to have an aggressive yet compassionate attorney. We take great pride in having handled domestic violence situations successfully in both the family law and criminal law arenas. We know that domestic violence accusations can bring serious consequences in family and criminal courts and we will go the extra-mile to ensure your rights are protected. Domestic violence can have serious impacts on both adults and children. Our Riverside domestic violence attorney strives to minimize that impact.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer for a Domestic Violence Case?

Domestic violence can be one of the most traumatic experiences of a person’s life. The impact of domestic violence can extend far beyond physical wounds and lead to psychological trauma, inability to work, and other lasting damages. Hiring an experienced Riverside domestic violence attorney to help you through your case can provide the support, encouragement, and confidence you need to hold the party responsible for your domestic violence issue accountable for their actions.

The sooner you seek legal representation, the better equipped you will be to handle the difficult legal proceedings to follow. Your attorney can arrange protective orders to keep an abuser away from you and your family and guide you through court appearances and the other aspects of your case in a streamlined and supportive way. Ultimately, hiring a Riverside restraining order lawyer to assist you through this difficult time can be exactly what you and your family need to recover as fully as possible.

How Do I Find the Best Domestic Violence Lawyer?

While time is certainly a crucial factor in any domestic violence case, hiring a Riverside domestic violence attorney is not a decision you should rush. Take your time to research local attorneys with proven records of successful domestic violence representation behind them. Take advantage of consultation offers to help you narrow down your list of candidates to the attorneys you feel are best equipped to handle every aspect of your case. Consider the following questions you should ask a potential Riverside domestic violence attorney to help you gauge their suitability for handling your case:

  • “How do you expect my case to proceed?” A good attorney should be able to provide you with their professional interpretation of your legal situation and a sound prediction of how your legal proceedings are likely to unfold.
  • “Have you handled cases like mine in the past?” It’s essential to choose a Riverside domestic violence attorney who has solid experience handling cases like yours.
  • “Do you think I have a strong case against my abuser?” A good attorney will be honest and clear about a prospective client’s chances of winning their case.
  • “What can you do immediately to help protect my family and me from further harm?” Experienced Riverside domestic violence attorneys will work quickly to secure temporary protective orders to shield their clients from further harm while their case proceeds.
  • “How long do you expect my case to take until it reaches a result?” Some domestic violence cases may take months to reach a conclusion. An experienced lawyer should be able to provide an honest outlook of how they expect your case to progress and how long it will take for you to see a resolution.
  • “What damages do you think I can successfully claim in this case?” Domestic violence can lead to medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost income, and psychological damage. Your attorney should be able to identify every open channel of compensation that might be available in your case.

If you are accused of domestic violence, a criminal defense attorney offers your best chance of avoiding unjust punishment and the long-term consequences a domestic violence conviction can have on your life. Whether you need a Riverside domestic violence attorney to hold an abuser accountable or a defense attorney to clear your name, contact our firm. An initial consultation with a prospective attorney is your best opportunity to ensure the lawyer you have chosen is right for you.

Develop additional questions specific to your unique circumstances to help you get the most comprehensive view of the value an attorney can potentially provide in your domestic violence case.

How Does a Lawyer Find Who is at Fault in a Domestic Violence Case?

One of the most challenging aspects of pursuing a domestic violence case is that physical evidence may be limited. The physical evidence available in a given domestic violence case could be questionable. It’s not uncommon for domestic violence cases to come down to one party’s word against the other. For example, the perpetrator of domestic violence may claim they acted in self-defense, and a victim may claim they did nothing wrong. Still, the evidence shows they actually initiated the issue in question.

A domestic violence case typically begins with a call to the police. Law enforcement in California takes domestic violence very seriously, and their initial investigation often leads to an arrest or requiring one party to leave the home temporarily. While the police are capable of performing in-depth initial investigations, determining fault for domestic violence typically boils down to physical evidence, witness statements, and the availability of recorded media that captured some or all of the event in question. This evidence will play a crucial role in a subsequent domestic violence lawsuit.

What Kind of Questions Will a Lawyer Ask Me in a Domestic Violence Case?

Experiencing any kind of domestic violence is a traumatic experience, and many victims would prefer not to relive these experiences. If you hire a Riverside domestic violence attorney to help you pursue justice against your abuser, provide your legal team with as much information as possible so they can provide the best legal counsel possible. While it can be very difficult to review the facts of your experience, honest and open communication with your Riverside domestic violence attorney ultimately serves your best interests.

Your attorney will likely ask you about your relationship with your abuser and the events that led to the domestic violence incident in question. Again, this can be difficult to relive, but providing your attorney with as many details as possible empowers your case.

When Domestic Violence Allegations Lead to Criminal Charges

It is not uncommon for divorce cases, child custody determinations, and other family law cases to involve issues of domestic violence. If someone has abused you, your children, or another member of your family or household, the law is behind you. It is very likely they will face criminal prosecution as well as civil liability for damages they caused. On the other side of this situation, if you are facing a family law matter and have been wrongfully accused of domestic violence, you will require the services of an experienced defense attorney to ensure these unjust allegations do not hurt your legal standing in your family law matter.

Domestic abuse allegations can impact your family law case. However, sometimes these allegations also result in criminal charges. We provide representation for people in both the family law and criminal law arenas.


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