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When a court finalizes a divorce agreement, the agreement becomes binding. Breaking the terms of an agreement may cause a party to be held in contempt of court. If your ex has not followed the visitation plan you agreed upon, or if your ex is not making child support payments, you should seek legal counsel to find out more about your options for enforcement actions. Alternatively, if your ex is threatening you with an enforcement action, a Riverside child support enforcement lawyer can help reach an understanding while working to avoid potentially harsh consequences.


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How Do I File for Child Support in Riverside County?

If a child support order is not already in place, you must complete an Application for California Child Support Services. You can find this form online at the California Department of Child Support Services website or at a local office. Alternatively, you can seek child support during your ongoing divorce or child custody case. Hiring an attorney for child support can help you ensure you complete any necessary forms correctly.

Once an agreement has been reached and the court has issued a child support order, the child’s other parent must make the necessary payments. If there are issues with missed payments, you must file a motion with the court to request that it enforce child support. There are multiple legal ramifications the court may use to influence the other party to make their payments. Only a Riverside child support enforcement lawyer can help you determine which enforcement measure will be most effective to secure the child support payments you need to support your child.

The Court Takes Enforcement Actions Seriously

Failure to follow a child custody and visitation plan, or refusing to make child support payments, are of serious concern to the court. Actions that may be taken against the non compliant party may include holding them in contempt of court. Other penalties are possible, as well. In California, if an obligor (the person who owes child support payments) fails to make child support payments as issued by a court, many enforcement measures can be taken.

They include:

  • A wage assessment. An employer can be ordered to deduct a portion of the non-paying parent’s wages and send it directly to the obligee (the person who receives the payments).
  • Fines or imprisonment. The court may order the non-paying parent to be fined or imprisoned, depending on the severity of the non-payment.
  • License suspension. If nonpayment goes on for an extended period, the state may suspend certain licenses. Some of the most affected licenses include those that allow a person to travel, including driver’s licenses and passports, and those that allow people to work, like a professional license.
  • Tax refunds. If the non-paying parent receives a tax refund, you may petition for half of it to be sent to you or the state’s child support account.
  • Workers’ compensation. If the non-paying parent has a job supplying workers’ compensation to cover lost wages when they are injured or sick, it can be intercepted if the non-payment continues.

As you can see, the state of California has many resources that can be used to enforce child support orders, depending on the situation. A Riverside child support attorney is familiar with these resources and will put them in action when needed to get your child the payments they need to thrive.

Of course, We hope that these serious consequences can be avoided. If a substantial change in a person’s life is making it difficult to meet his or her obligations, it may be necessary to seek a court-approved modification to a divorce decree. However, we are always prepared to tenaciously advocate for your interests in court, when necessary.

Can You Sue a Non-Custodial Parent for Child Support?

You can absolutely pursue legal action to secure child support from a non-paying parent. However, some people in this situation are tempted to represent themselves in court and try to handle the issue on their own. However, this is never a good idea for family law issues, especially visitation and child support.

The legal system can be complex and confusing when it comes to issues of child support. Most people require professional guidance to not only select the most effective means of enforcing their child support order, but also to present their case in court. The potential funds risk losing without expert representation far outweigh the amount you would save by representing yourself.

There are many factors that make hiring a Riverside divorce, child custody, and child support enforcement attorney a wise decision, including:

  • Expert information. The legal system can be confusing and overwhelming, especially if you are not a professional attorney. It is easy to neglect essential paperwork and overlook evidence that may be vital to your case. A Riverside custody and child support attorney knows how to find the most essential information and file it according to court requirements.
  • Negotiation skills. When you are dealing with the child’s other parent, it is very easy to become frustrated and angry. During this time, the ability to participate in calm negotiations is crucial. A Riverside child support enforcement lawyer will be able to help you remain calm and negotiate with the other party to come to an agreement.
  • Legal precedents. Each case is different, but California child support guidelines dictate how the court will act under certain circumstances. When you hire a Riverside child support enforcement lawyer, they will be able to look at your case and know what to expect in court based on previous cases.
  • Accountability. You should never have to worry about your Riverside child support enforcement lawyer taking the same lax approach to your child support case as your former partner. Your attorney should be eager to answer your calls and help you keep up to date with your case.

A child support enforcement lawyer is more than just an attorney. They are held to a higher standard and are focused on protecting the best interests of your child. Visitation and child support attorneys have specialized training to deal with these types of cases and can help you secure the results you need to provide for your child.


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