Family Law

Family Law

Family law is part of the civil court system, specifically cases involving family matters. If you ever go through a divorce and the related proceedings, or if you expect to divorce in the near future, you should know what to expect from the family law system. Divorce, child custody negotiations, and child support determinations can all be stressful experiences for everyone involved, from lawyers to family members, and it’s vital to find a family law attorney who can not only successfully navigate your case’s legal complications but do so compassionately with your family’s best interests firmly in mind.

Working To Resolve Difficult Family Law Legal Issues

Family law issues can be emotionally trying. It is important to seek help from a lawyer who understands what you are going through and who will help you protect your important interests every step of the way. At Law Offices of Michelanne Hrubic, our Riverside family law attorney can help you resolve issues involving divorce and other family legal matters. To schedule an initial consultation at our law firm in Riverside, CA call 951-888-0631.

Get a Family Law & Divorce Lawyer For Your Case

One of the most challenging aspects of family law is that every family is different. A family law matter can arise between members of the same family, such as a probate dispute, a childless married couple, or a married couple with children. Generally, family law matters that involve child custody can be the most emotionally challenging and time-consuming family law matters. However, due to the unique nature of every family law case in Riverside, there are countless possible factors that can arise and complicate a case that seems straightforward at first.

It’s vital to hire family law attorneys in Riverside, CA who have credible experience handling a wide variety of family law matters. An attorney with a background of diverse family law cases can provide a well-rounded view of your case and provide unique insights that most other lawyers cannot match. At the Law Offices of Michelanne Hrubic, you can rest assured our family law attorneys and their team have probably handled several cases similar to yours in the past, and we can assist you with any of the unique variables in your case that might seem troublesome or confusing to you.

We help guide people through the process in all types of family law cases, including those involving:



A Riverside divorce or marriage dissolution is one of the most difficult things a person will ever have to face. Even if the split is amicable, it is still important to ensure that your final agreement is fair and equitable. We will help guide you through the divorce process every step of the way.

California law does not require a couple to provide a specific reason to apply for divorce. “Irreconcilable differences” is the blanket term used as the justification for any divorce in which the couple simply agrees that their marriage is beyond saving, and the reasons behind their desire to end their marital contract are unique to every case.

The divorce process typically begins with one spouse filing for divorce and the court serving the other spouse with the divorce petition. It’s rare that a spouse will simply agree to divorce terms immediately without challenging any of the proposed elements of the other spouse’s divorce petition. In the event a couple mutually agrees to a divorce, has no children or jointly owned real estate or high-value assets, and draws up their own divorce agreement, it is possible the family law court may expedite their divorce down to the minimum six-month waiting period before a divorce decree is issued.

Divorce can take much longer in more complex cases or for divorcing couples who do not qualify for expedited summary dissolutions. An “uncontested” divorce is one in which both spouses agree to the terms of their divorce agreement. However, most divorces begin as contested ones and ultimately evolve into uncontested divorces through negotiation.

Child Custody and Visitation

Custody issues are the most emotionally contentious aspects of any divorce proceeding. We can let you know what your options are and help you reach an agreement that is in the best interests of your children. The family law courts of the state of California have a legal duty to rule in favor of the best interests of any children involved in a family law matter, including divorce. Parents may need to reconcile with the fact that the court may decide limiting their time with their children may be well within the court’s determination as to what would be in their children’s best interests. Fit parents capable of providing stable, nurturing lives for their children should have strong cases for custody, and an experienced Riverside child custody attorney can help a client build a strong case for custody negotiations.

It’s vital to remember that once the court has decided about custody of your children, you may have the opportunity to revisit this issue at a later date through the filing of a post-judgment motion. If you do not agree with the court’s ruling or your custody rights, it’s possible to have the child custody agreement changed eventually. However, it is vital that you do not violate the terms of your child custody agreement, even if you think the process was flawed and the agreement is unfair. Violating the court’s child custody orders can severely impact your custody rights and will likely result in your losing custody.

Child Support Payments


When parents share custody of their children, or when one parent receives majority custody and the other only has limited visitation or occasional custody, child support may come into play. This is especially likely if one parent earns significantly more than the other and both parents share custody of their children after divorce. The court has a duty to ensure the divorce agreement seeks to ensure the best interests of the children, and sometimes that requires child support payments. Whether you are requesting support payments or are being asked to make support payments, we can let you know what to expect while working to minimize the stress that this can place on your family.

Similar to child custody agreements, child support determinations may also be up for future debate through post-judgment motions. Some elements of a family law decree are non-negotiable, but if changing circumstances such as a new job, relocation, or other life event requires one parent to revisit their child support arrangement, the court may decide to adjust the child support determination to account for such recent changes.

Dividing Property


California is a community property state. This means that most assets acquired over the course of a marriage are subject to division. There are many nuances that must be considered when working toward a property division agreement. We can help identify and properly value property to help ensure a fair division.

California’s community property laws require all property obtained during the course of a marriage to be divided equally between divorcing spouses, and this often requires establishing a timeline outlining when a couple acquired certain assets and properties. If one spouse owned a home, vehicle, or other high-value items prior to entering the marriage, such property would remain that spouse’s separate property in divorce negotiations. However, if the other spouse did anything that improved the value of the other’s separate property, such as contributing toward home renovations, then the court may decide that such property has “transmuted” into community property.

This is just one example of how property division can be a contentious issue, and this is especially true in high net worth divorces. In these situations, it is especially important to hire reliable, accessible, and responsive legal counsel who can navigate the complex financial elements of your divorce.

Modifying a Divorce Agreement


Some terms of a final divorce decree cannot be changed. However, certain terms, such as child custody, child support and spousal support may be modified. We can help you whether you are seeking a modification or if you wish to challenge your ex’s request for a modification. We have handled many post-judgment modifications for various reasons, from parents changing jobs to changes in available income and school schedules.

Enforcing a Divorce Agreement


Unfortunately, sometimes a person may not follow the terms of a divorce agreement. In these cases, we can explore your options for enforcement actions to help you receive what you deserve.

Domestic Violence

Cases involving domestic abuse are never easy. Whether you are seeking an order of protection — commonly known as a restraining order — from a violent member or have been falsely accused of domestic abuse, we are here to help you through this difficult time.

Establishing Paternity

Legally identifying the father of a child is essential to establishing parental rights and to securing support payments. Whether you are a mother or a father, we are dedicated to protecting your interests.

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