Mistakes to Avoid During the Divorce Process

26Mar, 20

If you are going through a divorce, you likely feel overwhelmed, anxious, frustrated or maybe even angry. Oftentimes, people make poor choices when they feel depressed, fearful or furious. Make sure that you avoid these mistakes while you go through the divorce process to ensure that your actions do not cause any additional legal challenges for your case. The truth is that no divorce is joyful. However, make sure that you do not do anything to complicate your divorce filing or during the initial stages of your divorce.

Mistakes to Avoid

Even though you may feel exhausted, stressed, and overwhelmed, these are the things that you should never do during the divorce process.

  • Place Children in the Middle. Never place your children in the middle of the divorce. Never tell them negative things about their other parent. Never use them as a bargaining tool. It’s unhealthy for your child, for you, and will ultimately hurt your case. Courts will always make decisions on child custody and child support matters in the best interest of the child.
  • Refuse Communication. While the last thing you may want to do is communicate with your spouse, the divorce process always goes much smoother when both parties are committed to communicating openly with each other as amicably as possible.
  • Talk About Your Divorce on Social Media. The law is clear that social media can absolutely impact your divorce and affect your case. Also, if you ever post something on social media, never take it down, as it could be considered attempting to defraud the court. Anything you post on social media can be used against you. Many family law attorneys now make a point to research the other spouse’s social media accounts to find evidence that a spouse is not behaving appropriately which could affect child custody. Posting about going on shopping sprees or lavish vacations could affect the equitable division of property.
  • Lie. This should go without saying, however, you should never lie to the court or attempt to hide anything, including social media posts, financial assets or testify untruthfully. If you are discovered, and the chances are likely that you will be, you can permanently damage your legal rights to time with your children, child support, or how your marital property is divided.
  • Leaving the Marital Home. Many people never consider where they will live during the divorce process or afterward. It is important that you never leave the marital home (unless there is abuse) because you may not be able to re-enter it at a later time, or the court may award it to the other spouse.

Contact an Experienced Family Law Attorney Today

Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes someone can make during the divorce process is not hiring an experienced divorce attorney to ensure that their legal rights are protected. Contact a family law attorney today at the Law Office of Michelanne Hrubic at 951-888-0631 to discuss your legal options and help ensure you do not make any mistakes that can impact your child support, child custody, or your finances.

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