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Divorce Decree Modifications

After a divorce has been finalized, it may be necessary to modify certain terms of the agreement. This may happen in cases where a divorce was done without the help of a lawyer, resulting in unfair terms, or when a person has experienced a substantial change in the circumstances of his or her life.

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Modifying Certain Terms

There are certain terms of a divorce agreement, such as property division, that are generally not subject to modification. However, California divorce law recognizes that when a person’s circumstances have substantially changed, it may be necessary to change certain aspects of the agreement. A substantial change in circumstances may include the loss of a job, a remarriage or a need to move out of state.

One of the most frequently modified aspects of a divorce decree are those involving child custody and visitation. These are usually sought when one parent is planning to relocate, or when there have been accusations of neglect or abuse. Another aspect that is often modified in changing a divorce decree is the terms of child support, particularly when a parent has lost a job or, alternatively, when he or she has received a substantial bump in income. If spousal support, or alimony, is part of a divorce agreement, that may be modified upon remarriage or when the spouse receiving payments has become self-sufficient.

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