6 Great Reasons to Hire a Family Law Attorney (and What to Ask Them)

13Oct, 20

Divorce is never an easy experience. Some people rush to conclusions and wind up with dissatisfying divorce arrangements that impact their lives in unexpected ways. It’s vital to consider practical long-term issues during a divorce. Having the right legal representation can help you stay on track toward reaching an agreeable long-term solution to ending your marriage.

You might wonder what a family law attorney could offer during divorce. Ultimately, hiring a family law attorney to represent you during your divorce is an investment in peace of mind. There are several important reasons for you to consider hiring a family law attorney, including:

  1. Peace of mind. Ultimately, your attorney’s job is to look out for your best interests and to ensure an equitable and reasonable divorce decree as swiftly as possible. You can rely on your attorney to handle procedural issues with your case, to keep it moving, and to represent your interests in mediation negotiations and trial, if necessary.
  2. Security for the future. When you rush to a divorce without legal counsel, you risk missing important issues you will need to return to divorce court to discuss. Your attorney can help you develop a comprehensive approach to your divorce to settle as many issues for the longest term possible, which eliminates future uncertainties.
  3. Objective advice. Divorce is often an emotional experience. Your family law attorney can provide a valuable, objective perspective on essential aspects of your divorce that you may have overlooked. They can also help you keep your priorities focused when you are struggling with strong emotions about ending your marriage. From coronavirus effects on marriage to how to approach child support, a family attorney has insight to help better guide you throughout the process.
  4. Access to professional experts. An expert witness could provide valuable insight into your case, testify in court to support your case in divorce litigation, and help you clarify specific issues concerning property division, child custody, or other matters. Your family law attorney will have a network of professional contacts who may be able to act as consulting or testifying expert witnesses in your case.
  5. Experience. Navigating any type of legal issue without counsel is challenging, to say the least. Making a small procedural error with court filings could mean significant delays to your proceedings, and any problems with your filed paperwork or deadlines could lead to a much weaker position when your case reaches trial. Your attorney can handle administrative issues and ensure procedural errors do not impede your family law proceedings or jeopardize your position in a case.
  6. Alternative dispute resolution. You may be able to finalize your divorce without messy litigation. A family law attorney can help you determine when mediation is preferable and assist in coordinating mediation sessions on your behalf. Mediation can cost a fraction of the time and money you would otherwise spend on lengthy litigation.

Ultimately, a family law attorney can provide peace of mind and security during a divorce or any other family law matter. These are just a few reasons not to overlook the importance of legal representation in family law matters.

Things to Ask a Family Law Attorney

Swiftness is crucial in any legal matter, but you should never rush to a decision with a family law matter without an attorney. Before agreeing to representation, ask a potential family law attorney about their experience with cases similar to your own. Find out how much experience they have practicing law and handling the type of family law case and make sure they have an experience level that inspires you with confidence.

Ask the attorney about their billing policy as well. Most family law attorneys will bill their services based on how much time they will spend working on your case. A good attorney should provide you with a rough estimate of your legal costs based on the expected time your case will require to reach a conclusion. Your attorney may recommend mediation, which will mean a much speedier resolution to your family law issue and more control over your proceedings.

At the Law Offices of Michelanne Hrubic, our legal team understands the uncertainty and stress you’re likely experiencing due to a divorce or other family law matter. Our job is to put you at ease and handle your legal interests on your behalf with aggressive, comprehensive, and compassionate legal representation. A family law attorney has the knowledge and experience specific to marital dissolution. Contact us today if you would like to schedule a consultation with an experienced family law attorney.

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