The Coronavirus’ Impact on Marriages

08Jul, 20

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has had dramatic effects for everyday life. Millions of people have lost their jobs and face economic uncertainty in the face of the impact the Coronavirus has made on the global economy. Each state has enacted different policies to limit the risk of public exposure and to minimize the strain on the medical care industry. While analysts from various disciplines continue to ponder the long-term effects the Coronavirus will impose on life, one often overlooked question is how the pandemic will affect marriages.

Does Familiarity Breed Contempt, or Bring Couples Closer?

Many Americans have shifted to working from home, if possible, during the lockdown that has swept the nation. Couples who normally spend their days outside the home working at their respective jobs are now working side-by-side at home. This could be a very good thing for some couples, while it may cause intense friction for others.

Some couples function well when they can have a bit of distance from one another. The longer they remain together, the more friction develops. While this seems counterintuitive, as most people would assume that a married couple should wish to spend as much time together as possible, the people closest to us tend to face the greatest stress when we ourselves are stressed. The Coronavirus pandemic has been intensely stressful for millions across the globe. Fear, uncertainty, paranoia, and anger are just a few of the emotions swirling as the world reels from this unprecedented event. Some couples may not have the right relationship dynamics to weather the emotional turmoil well.

For other couples, the chance to stay home with one another could be unexpected boons to their marriages. Ultimately, research into the psychology of relationships shows stressful events and catastrophes tend to bring people closer together while also exposing underlying problems. The ongoing quarantine may allow some couples to address long-standing issues in a healthy way while it could generate resentments among other couples.

Keeping Emotions in Check

One of the best ways a couple can weather the Coronavirus storm and the uncertainty it can cause is to choose their battles carefully. Right now, millions of people have been forced to completely overhaul their usual routines to account for the emergency circumstances we now face. For people working in logistics and distribution, healthcare, information security, and finance, the Coronavirus pandemic may have caused the most acutely stressful times of their careers. For others, they may face uncertainty about their financial futures due to losing jobs, furloughing, or business closure.

The uncertainties resulting from the Coronavirus pandemic should not seep into a marriage, ideally. However, when these things happen, couples need to think carefully about whether they are taking stress out on their marriage that originates from a situation that is entirely beyond their control.

Calling It Quits the Right Way

Ultimately, the Coronavirus pandemic may help some couples grow closer together while it drives others apart. A divorce attorney can be a great resource for any couple feeling uncertain about the strength of their marriage amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. In some cases, couples’ counseling could help a couple overcome the challenges they are forced to confront in close quarters while other couples may realize they are not as compatible as they once thought.

A divorce lawyer can help a couple end their marriage amicably, divide properly fairly, and ultimately help divorcing spouses move on with their lives more wholly and with greater senses of closure. The ongoing Coronavirus situation is sure to force tensions and emotions to run high, and a couple on the brink of divorce should seek reliable legal guidance as soon as they decide to end their marriage. Hopefully, the Coronavirus pandemic will bring more couples closer together than it drives apart.

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