Riverside Same Sex Divorce Attorney

Riverside Same Sex Divorce Attorney

Riverside Same Sex Divorce Lawyer

Deciding to end a marriage can be painful and overwhelming. The last thing you need when working through this new chapter of life is to go through complex legal hurdles alone. If you are dissolving a same-sex marriage in Riverside, California, you should reach out to an experienced divorce attorney to walk you through the steps involved in the process and defend your needs.

Riverside Same Sex Divorce Attorney

Can Same-Sex Couples Get Divorced?

Same-sex couples can get divorced the same way that heterosexual couples can get divorced in the state of California. Since 2008, LGBTQ individuals have been legally allowed to get married and have the same right to divorce as heterosexual couples.

There are some things that can complicate LGBTQ divorces as opposed to heterosexual divorces. Because only one parent is usually the biological parent of a child, this can make child custody cases complex. Also, property division may be affected, as many couples have been living together and acting like married couples before same-sex marriage was legalized. Therefore, you need a lawyer with a deep understanding of the issues presented by LGBTQ divorce.

If you are looking into dissolving a same-sex marriage in the state, you should expect to go through all of the same steps involved in the divorce process. The length and steps involved in the process will differ, however, based on the type of divorce and the unique complex aspects of your situation.

For example, your divorce will fall into one of the following categories:

  • Uncontested Divorce: When you split from a person you were married to, you will need to divide your assets. If you and your partner are able to communicate amicably and easily, you might find that you agree on how to split everything up. In this case, you can get an uncontested divorce and expect it to be done relatively smoothly in a minimum of six months.
  • Contested Divorce: On the other hand, divorce can involve some hot-heated disputes. Whether it’s arguments about who gets a certain real estate property or how to divide investments, you might find yourself in a stalemate of sorts on your own. You would have a contested divorce in this case and need legal support to help you work on negotiation and be by your side in court if it gets to that point. You can expect that your contested divorce can take longer than an uncontested divorce and will likely cost a lot more.

There are also a lot of unique contextual factors that can complicate a divorce. For example, even if you are in an uncontested divorce, if you have a high net worth, you will have to take more complex legal steps than others. Consult with a lawyer about what type of divorce you are involved in and what you should expect from the property.

How Can a Same-Sex Divorce Attorney Help?

It is extremely difficult to go through a divorce without legal representation. Even if you think you have the time and means and don’t have enough conflict for legal support, you might end up confused and making errors that delay or upset the experience. Also, while you might be concerned about the cost of working with a divorce attorney, you might end up costing yourself more in the long run if you don’t hire one at the start.

Hiring a same-sex family lawyer can help you with all of the complicated aspects of the experience:

  • Filing the Documents: Divorce involves all kinds of documents. From filling out the application for divorce to gathering and sending financial disclosure forms, you need to ensure you follow all of the necessary steps and are transparent and accurate when communicating your details. Your lawyer can handle this for you and make sure it is done promptly and smoothly.
  • Addressing Child Custody: Determining who will get custody of the children can cause some of the most heated conflicts in a divorce. Your lawyer can help protect your rights and your relationship with your children. Your lawyer can also provide advice and be there for you when the court is determining who will have to pay child support and for how much and how long.
  • Navigating Negotiation: Dividing assets in a divorce can involve hours and hours of negotiation. Especially if you find yourself in a contested divorce, you will need to work on communicating with your former partner in order to reach a conclusion on what to do about your property. It is often difficult to go through this alone because emotions can deeply affect people when they try to negotiate with someone they were involved with. Having an unbiased lawyer by your side during these talks can be extremely useful in this situation.
  • Fiercely Fight in Court: Many divorce cases do not end up in the courtroom before a judge. However, if yours gets to this point, your lawyer will have been prepared for this from the day that they met you. They will be there to present your point of view, your needs, and any evidence necessary to get you the optimal outcome.
  • Give You Informed Advice: Getting a divorce can be extremely confusing. While you are dealing with rocky emotions, you might also be feeling overwhelmed by all of the legal hurdles. Your lawyer can help address any questions that you might have and give you advice regarding what path to pursue, such as mediation or litigation.

Can One Attorney Represent Both Parties in a Same-Sex Couple Divorce?

If you and your partner are on good terms and do not see conflict on the horizon, you might consider the idea of getting the same attorney. However, an attorney cannot represent both spouses because you have competing interests, even if you are amicable. It is also crucial to have your own lawyer in case unforeseen disputes arise. For example, your former partner might change their tune and suddenly get protective of a piece of property they were once fine with you walking away with. In this case, you will need an attorney who is completely devoted to your rights in order to protect yourself.

Contact a Dedicated Same Sex Divorce Attorney

At Law Offices of Michelanne Hrubic, we know how tough divorce can be. We are here to listen to your unique situation and give you any legal guidance that you need at this time. No matter what your sexual orientation is, we can help you with ending your marriage, dividing your property, or addressing child support.

With in-depth knowledge of LGBTQ rights and years of experience representing clients through same-sex divorces, you can confidently put your trust in us. Reach out to our office today to get started.


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