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Establishing paternity can be an extremely beneficial process for all of the people that are involved, and especially helpful to the children that are involved. Not knowing with certainty who the genetic father of your child is can be incredibly stressful, whether you’re the mother or the father. Legally establishing paternity can help bring you the peace you deserve, while also helping to secure the rights you need in order to take care of your child to the best of your ability.

At the Law Offices of MichelanneHrubic, our Riverside paternity lawyer represents both fathers and mothers in law cases involving paternity. We know how important establishing parental rights can be and are here to help you smoothly get through this chapter of your life.

Here’s everything you might need to know regarding the process of establishing paternity and finding an attorney to help you throughout the process.

What is Paternity Law?

Paternity is the term that is used to describe the state or condition of being someone’s father.

Therefore, paternity law deals with the aspects that come along with legally identifying the father of a child. This area of the law focuses on differing factors of paternity like the genetic testing done to prove paternity, filing for child support from the father, and fighting other paternity claims. Paternity law is the body of law that deals with all of the underlying legal factors that come with being a father.

What is the Legal Significance of Paternity?

Paternity is significant for everyone that is involved in the situation, in different ways. For example:

  • Significance for the father involved
    When paternity is legally established, the father in question is responsible for his child as well as the other aspects that come along with being the legal father, such as paying for child support and other factors of the child’s life. In some cases, a father might not be allowed by the mother or family members to see his child. Once paternity is legally established in court, the father will receive the rights to custody of their child or children. If a father refuses to support his child financially or pay into child support, a paternity suit can be filed by the mother or family being affected. If the lawsuit is successful, it can also require the father to pay into child support and other methods of helping his kids.
  • Significance for the mother involved
    The legal significance of paternity for the mother is a bit different. The mother is able to file for a paternity suit to prove that a man is the legal father so that he can be held responsible for child support. Establishing legal paternity can help ensure that a mother won’t be left to fend for herself and her children if their father is not in the picture.
  • Significance for the children involved
    For a child, there is also a variety of legal significance in establishing paternity. Establishing paternity means to a child that they now have a variety of rights, as well as being helped financially through child support. Some of the rights a child gains include the right to take shelter at their father’s home, the right to inheritance from your father, and the right to know personal health information on your father’s family’s side. A child also sometimes gains the rights to compensation if their father dies, such as worker’s compensation or other programs that are funded by the government.

Different Kinds of Paternity

Contrary to what most people assume, paternity is not established by a man’s name being on the birth certificate of a child. During the process of trying to legally establish paternity, you will most likely come across a few different paternity terms that you should know.

  1. Voluntarily Assumed Paternity
    This situation is when both the mother and father agree on who the biological father of their child is. Therefore, it is voluntarily assumed who the father is. This kind of paternity can be established in a variety of different settings, for example: 

    • A child is born to a couple that is married.
    • A child is born to a couple that is not married, but the couple eventually marries and legally obtains a form that establishes legal paternity.
    • A child is born to a couple that is not married and do not end up getting married, but both of the parents acknowledge paternity and can legally agree on it.
    • The father tries to marry the mother when the child is born.
    • The father marries the mother after the child is born, and both spouses agree on paternity and add the father to the birth certificate.
    • The father actively supports the child in question and raises them as his own, which both spouses can agree upon.
    • The father and child have a very close relationship, which the court acknowledges.
  2. Involuntary Paternity
    Involuntary paternity can also occur in a few different circumstances. Involuntary paternity is when paternity to a child is established through some sort of legal proceedings. These legal proceedings usually involve a mother filing a paternal lawsuit against the father of their child in order for him to support them. A paternity lawsuit can also be filed by the state if they are working on behalf of the mother or child in question. During this process, the father will have to take a test to prove he is the biological father of the child. This is most often done with a DNA test or occasionally a blood test. Once the biological father is identified by the court, he will be required to help out in ways such as paying child support.

What is a Paternity Attorney?

A paternity lawyer is an attorney that is experienced in the aspects of family law, as well as specializing in areas of establishing paternity through the legal system and fighting for a client’s rights regarding paternity. Many people often find themselves a bit confused when searching for the right attorney to help them through their process. Family law is actually a broad category that contains subsets of lawyers that can help you with your specific needs in your situation, including divorce lawyers and paternity attorneys to help you through your process.

When Should I Get a Paternity Lawyer in California?

Many people have no idea where to begin when it comes to the often-complicated proceedings of trying to establish legal paternity of a child. Because of this, it is often your best idea to seek legal aid when trying to deal with the aspects of establishing paternity of your child. If you are a mother and are unable to get support from the father of your child, finding a paternity lawyer is the best first step to fighting for the support you deserve, like financial help through child support. If you are a father and are fighting for custody or visitation rights, for example, then looking for a paternity lawyer is where you should begin in order to fight for those rights.

Who Can Establish Parenthood Through Legal Means?

Either the mother or the father can bring forward a paternity suit if there is a question regarding the identity of the biological father. If a petition to establish paternity is granted by the court, a DNA sample will be collected from the mother, as well as the alleged father and the child.

Representation For Fathers and Mothers in Paternity

Establishing paternity can benefit the entire family, including the mother, father, and children. When a mother finds out who the father of her child is, it can provide her with peace of mind and ensure that her child is eligible to receive financial support from the father. When a father finds out that a child is biologically his via a paternity test, it can clear the path for him to establish his parental rights and to establish a loving relationship with his child. At the Law Offices of Michelanne Hrubic, we can help guide you through this process, every step of the way.

What Happens After Paternity Has Been Established in California?

Once paternity has been established, the path is clear to address a wide range of other family law issues, including child support, and child custody and visitation. We can help you identify your goals and help you with the appropriate next steps.

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