Moreno Valley Family Law Attorney

Moreno Valley Family Law Attorney

For many people, family is a top priority. Whether you have an army of children or live with your spouse and pets, you likely do your best to love and protect your family every day.

Sometimes, to protect your family, you must get involved in the legal system. Family law allows you to take legal action to ensure that all members of your family are cared for and protected by law. Though this may sound intimidating, it is important to know that there are attorneys who are ready to help you. Whether you are navigating divorce, child custody, violence in the home, or another issue, family lawyers can assist you in navigating and winning your case.


The Law Offices of Michelanne Hrubic: Your Moreno Valley, CA Family Law Attorneys

No firm in Moreno Valley is more trained in family law than our team at the Law Offices of Michelanne Hrubic. For many years, we have been protecting the families in Moreno Valley through a myriad of family law matters. Whether your case goes to court or is settled in mediation, we are here to support your family through whatever life has brought your way.

Though we are sensitive to your needs during this vulnerable time, we are tenacious and ruthless in the courtroom. We will fight aggressively to protect your family and ensure that you receive what is truly best for you. As a family-centered business, we are here to defend the family unit and ensure that you feel safe and comfortable with your changing dynamic.

What Is Family Law?

Family law is a broad category within the legal system, and it deals with several different types of cases and issues. Essentially, any time there is a legal change in your family structure, your case is considered a family law matter.

Some key family law claims categories include:

  • Divorce and separation
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Spousal support or alimony
  • Paternity
  • Property division
  • Domestic violence

An experienced family law attorney like the team at the Law Offices of Michelanne Hrubic can help you to navigate any of the above situations. Many of these cases go hand in hand. Child custody and child support cases often occur because of a divorce, for example.

Why Do I Need a Family Law Lawyer?

Family law is a serious area of the legal system. Your entire family dynamic is on the line, and losing your case could be devastating and cause permanent damage. It is best to hire a family attorney to ensure that you are doing everything that you can to protect your family and achieve the best possible outcome.

In some situations, there is a significant amount of money on the line as well. If you fail to hire a competent family law attorney, you may miss out on money or assets that are rightfully yours. This can hinder your lifestyle and even create significant financial problems or stressors for you in the future.

In all family law situations, it is best to hire an attorney who can help you to navigate your case and protect your family.


One of the most common types of family law cases is divorce. During the divorce process, the main objective is to divide property evenly between you and your spouse. Though this seems straightforward, it is often fairly complicated. Many people become emotionally attached to their items, and it can be hard to let them go. In other situations, spouses become vindictive and try to rob their spouses of assets as a form of revenge. Having an attorney allows you to get the divorce settlement that you deserve.

Child Custody

If you have children, you will need to determine where they will live when you and your spouse divorce. In some situations, parents share custody. In others, one parent provides sole guardianship. No matter what the situation may be, the court’s only concern is the safety and well-being of the children. During these cases, it is your objective to show how and why your care is beneficial and healthy for your child. This can be emotional and difficult to do, and many good parents lose custody because they do not have proper representation. It is important to hire an attorney for child custody cases.

Child Support

In some situations, one parent will have to pay child support. Child support is a tool used to make each parent’s contribution to their children equal. If one parent has less custody of their child than the other parent, they may make up for it with child support payments. If one parent earns more than the other one, they may pay child support to make each parent’s contribution proportionate to their income. No matter your situation, child support will be a key part of your divorce and family law case.


In some situations, a child’s paternity is not clear. For a father to have custody or pay child support, the court must establish that the child in question is theirs. Paternity cases help to facilitate this process and make the results official in the eyes of the law. Some fathers will not submit to paternity testing without court involvement. These cases may be key for mothers who wish to receive the physical or financial support that they deserve.

Spousal Support or Alimony

When one spouse makes more money than the other, they may be obligated to pay spousal support. These payments are intended to ensure that both members of a marriage have a solid financial foundation once they leave the marriage. These payments may also compensate one spouse for their non-paid contribution to the home. For example, if one spouse stayed home throughout the marriage to take care of the children, they will have a large gap in their resume and skill set. If they divorce, the earning spouse may have to pay spousal support while the stay-at-home spouse determines how they will make money as a divorced individual.

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No matter your family law case, our team can help you navigate it. We have years of experience, and we are ready to help you adjust to your changing family dynamic.

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