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What Are the Parental Rights in California Family Law?

Parental rights serve as the cornerstone of family law, particularly when it comes to determining child custody. These rights are legally recognized and protected to ensure that parents have the proper authority and responsibility necessary to raise their children in all aspects of their lives.…

18Mar, 24

What Voids a Custody Agreement in California?

Going through a divorce or legal separation can be an extremely difficult time, especially if a child is involved and custody arrangements need to be made. Making it even more complicated, once an initial custody agreement is made, it does not always end there. For…

15Mar, 24

Child Custody & Same-Sex Marriages

Over the years, societal norms have continued to evolve and pave the way for a broader acceptance of same-sex marriages across many countries. In California, these unions have become extremely prevalent as more LGBTQ+ couples move to the state and start their own families. However,…

15Oct, 23

What is the Most Common Custody Agreement in California?

When a divorce involves children, child custody and child support are two of the most important arrangements that need to be addressed. Child custody refers to the right of a parent to have a child physically live with them or to make legal decisions on…

15Jan, 23

Does California Favor the Mother or Father?

Custody battles are always tough, especially when both parents care heavily for their children. State guidelines regarding child custody are designed to protect the child’s safety. The court will consider a number of factors when deciding which parent to place a child with to ensure…

16Dec, 22

Does the Mother Automatically Have Full Custody in California?

Child custody can become increasingly contentious, especially in divorce proceedings. Although the court has favored giving mothers full custody in the past, the decision as to which parent receives full custody is left up to the court’s discretion. Each custody situation is extremely nuanced, and…

15Dec, 22

What Makes a Parent Unfit in California?

When two parents cannot effectively raise their child or children together, they must create a parenting plan that outlines how the parents will divide both physical custody (where the children will live) and legal custody (who will make decisions for the children). The plan must…

16Nov, 22

Is California a 50/50 Custody State?

Most parents cherish their relationships with their children and want to spend as much time with them as possible, no matter what happens in their relationship with the other parent. Unfortunately, whether due to divorce, separation, or the end of a relationship between unmarried parents,…

15Nov, 22

How Do I Get a Paternity Test in Riverside, California?

There are several reasons why a parent or parents would want to determine the paternity of a child. California laws for establishing a biological and legal father include a number of steps regarding a paternity test. The process is complicated, and you should contact a…

05Aug, 22
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