San Bernardino Child Support Attorney

San Bernardino Child Support Attorney

A divorce can affect the children involved just as much as the parents, if not more. Because of this, the state takes specific steps to ensure that children of divorce are still properly cared for when the process is finalized. Child support is a crucial matter that must be addressed in every divorce case that involves children. If you are going through a complicated divorce, or do not know much about child support, it is essential that you find an experienced family lawyer who can assist you through your case.

Why You Should Pick the Law Offices of Michelanne Hrubic

At the Law Offices of Michelanne Hrubic, we have dedicated our practice to assisting individuals across southern California through complex family law cases. Both child support and child custody cases are well known for being full of disagreements. That is why we offer professional legal assistance and advice in both areas. Our team has vast experience and knowledge in family law. This allows us to fight for the ideal outcome, no matter how complicated the situation. Do not wait to see how we may be able to help your San Bernardino child support case today.


What Is Child Support and Why Is It Required?

Child support is a legally ordered payment that must be periodically sent from one parent to the other. This ensures that their children’s needs can still be met after their divorce is finalized. These payments are designed to help the spouse with most of the parenting time so they can afford essentials like food, clothing, and housing for their kids. It can also assist with the costs of raising a child, including healthcare and education. Child support is not only a parent’s responsibility to their child; it is also a legally binding order. This means that if an individual falls behind, or purposefully does not make their child support payments, they can be held legally accountable in court.

The Importance of Seeking a Child Support Attorney

When going through a divorce with children, it is easy for things to become difficult quickly. Conflicts often arise, and most matters are both personal and emotional. Because of this, working with a qualified child support lawyer can help you immensely when dealing with the legalities of your case. Child support involves a wide range of important details that you will most likely need advice on as well as assistance with. This is also where an attorney can come in to assist you. From disagreements between parents to constant court dates, having a lawyer that you can trust to represent your rights during a child custody case is imperative.

How Does California Determine Who Pays Child Support?

Child support is considered to be the estimated monthly cost of caring for and raising a child. When determining which spouse will be paying the other, the family court takes multiple details into consideration. The two primary factors that will affect who is the paying parent, however, are the custody agreements and the income of each spouse. In most circumstances, whichever parent has more parenting time will receive child support payments. In cases where there is joint physical custody, the higher-earning parent is most often required to pay.

Factors That Affect Child Support Payments

Because every child support case is different, the amount a parent pays in support will vary depending on their unique circumstances. For example, the number of children involved, their ages, and special medical expenses can all help determine child support payments. In California, the state created a relatively simple formula. Individuals can plug in their details and get an estimate of the minimum child support they will have to pay.

The formula you can use is: CS = K (HN – (H%)(TN))

Each letter represents an important detail you’ll need to input to receive your total child support (CS). First, you will input the total amount of both parents’ combined incomes that has to be used for support (K). Then you will add the higher-earning spouse’s disposable net income (HN), followed by the percentage of parenting time the higher-earning parent has (H%), and the combined total disposable net income of both parents (TN). After plugging in your own information, you should receive an accurate amount for a payment for one child. If you have more than one child, you will have to use the specific multipliers that the state details for the number of children you have.

When Child Support Differs From Your Formula Result

The formula above was created to help individuals get a better idea of how much they will be paying in child support. However, there are some circumstances in which your result can differ from the one the formula gives you. This can occur if a judge decides the amount needs to be changed or if you attempt to argue the formula’s calculation in your case. Factors that can affect the formula’s result include:

  • Your child has special medical needs or extra care expenses to be considered.
  • You and the other parent agreed on a different number that the court approved.
  • Both parents have almost equal or equal parenting time with their children, but one makes substantially more money than the other.
  • A child has more than two parents.
  • The paying parent’s formula result was not fair to the amount of time the custodial parent spends caring for the children.

San Bernardino Child Support and Family Law Divorce Attorney

If you are going through a divorce here in California, it is imperative to find a family attorney that you can count on. At the Law Offices of Michelanne Hrubic, we are devoted to helping our clients with compassionate, professional legal services and advice. Our team has worked through countless child support cases and is prepared to represent you to our greatest ability. Whether you just filed for divorce in San Bernardino, or you would like to request a modification of your current child support order, our staff at the Law Offices of Michelanne Hrubic is here to help. For more information on our child support and family law services, contact us today to learn more about our firm.


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